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Summer Term April and May 2022

Week 1 19/04/22

Spring and Planting

Colour - Yellow

The children will have the opportunity to plant some cress and salad leaves. We will talk a little more about the signs of spring,
birds nesting and baby animals. The farms will be out for the children to play with.

Lunch Clubs Weds 20th & Thurs 21st April

Week 2 25/04/22

Planting and Growing

Colour - Green

This week the children will have the opportunity to plant tomato and sunflower seeds. We will talk about what
plants need to grow. There will be farm shop role play.

Lunch Clubs Mon 25th & Tues 26th April

Week 3 03/05/22

Music & Nursery Rhymes

Colour - Red

We will be singing the childrenís favourite nursery rhymes, playing with the musical instruments, exploring sounds
and rhythms. We have nursery rhyme jigsaw puzzles and colouring sheets.

Lunch Clubs Weds 4th & Thurs 5th May

One Tuesday 3rd the photographer will be in pre-school

On Saturday 7th May pre-school will have a stall at the Church Fun Day

Week 4 09/05/16

Physical ñ Squish, squash & squeeze fine motor skills

Colour - Purple

Lots of fine motor skills activities such as threading and mark making, as well as using scoops, tweezers and scissors

Lunch Clubs Mon 9th & Weds 11th May

Week 5 16/05/16

Physical - Sports and gross motor skills

Hoops, scarves, bean bags, music & movement as well as balance beam, slide & rocker.

Colour - Blue

Lunch Clubs Tues 17st & Thurs 19th May

Week 6 23/05/16

Jubilee Celebrations

We will celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee, children will have the opportunity to make streamers and crowns.

Colours - Silver and Gold

Lunch Clubs Mon 23rd & Tues 24th May


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