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Tring Stepping Stones



Notice Board


Messy Play Sessions

We will be holding Messy Play Sessions for families with children from 0 to 5.

Friday 8th November 1.30pm to 2.45pm
Friday 6th December 1.30pm to 2.45pm

Topics for this term

Week 1: 04/11/2019

Topic: Fireworks & People Who Help Us
We have some colourful firework themed crafts. The Fire Station set will be
out along with the People Who Help Us role play props, books and jigsaws as
we talk to the children about keeping safe. On Friday we will be making red poppies.
Colour: Red
Lunch Club - Tuesday 5th and Thursday 7th November

Week 2: 11/11/19

Topic: Robot Week
The No-Bot Robot is one of our pre-school children’s favourite stories at the
moment so we are planning our activities around this theme. The space toys will
be out along with lots of construction for fine motor development, identifying
shapes and encouraging children to design and build their own models. The build it
with battery operated screwdrivers will be out, magnetic shapes as well as empty
boxes for 3D creations.
Colour: Blue
Lunch Club - Monday 11th and Wednesday 13th November

Week 3: 18/11/19

Topic: The Stickman
Another familiar story by a favourite author. We plan a sensory Stickman themed tuff
crate which we hope will encourage children to listen and begin to re-tell the story
as they explore the crate. Children will have the opportunity to make their own
Stickman to take home. There will be more physical equipment out at pre-school to
encourage gross motor movements.
Colour: Brown
Lunch Club - Tuesday 19th and Friday 22nd November

Week 4 : 25/11/19

Topic: Ice and Snow
As the weather begins to get colder we will have snow and ice inside at pre-school!
Fake snow in the sensory tray with polar animals for children to explore the texture
and temperature as well as sorting and counting the animals. Children will be able
to make their own penguins and polar bears. The igloo tent will be out and we will
have the rocker as a boat with the number fishing.
Colour: White
Lunch Club - Tuesday 26th and Thursday 28th November

Week 5: 02/12/19

Topic: Christmas
The kitchen role play area will be out for children to start their Christmas cooking and
Christmas parties. We will have blank Christmas cards and colouring sheets on the writing
table alongside our pre-school post box. Over the last couple of weeks we have lots of
Christmas crafts planned for children to make and take home if they choose to.
Colour: Green
Lunch Club - Monday 2nd and Wednesday 4th December

Week 6: 09/12/19

Topic: Christmas
More Christmas! The builders’ sets will be out for Father Christmas’s workshop along with
the rocker as his sleigh. Our music and instruments are available every day for children
to explore, so we will make sure we have lots of extra bells and Christmas CDS out. The
Christmas week sensory tray will have lots of poms poms, sequins and Christmas colours
for children to sort and count, using scissor scoops and tweezers.
Colour: Silver and Gold
Lunch Club - Wednesday 11th December

Christmas Performance Thursday 12th Decemeber

Christmas Party Monday 16th December

Songs for this half term

The musical instruments and song books are out every day and the
children regularly sing and play music during freeplay. They also
have access to the CD player and put it on for an impromptu song
and dance! We have a few songs which we repeat each half term
so children get to know the words and actions. The children have
quickly learnt the actions and some words to our circle time songs.
There are copies of the words in the foyer and if you want the
words to any of our songs to join in at home please do ask and
we will print them or email you a copy.

As well as regular songs and action songs, during singing time we
often have circle games, singing with a big lycra sheet, tap sticks,
scarves and music & movement.

Baa, baa, black sheep
Twinkle, twinkle
I'm a little snowman
Sleeping bunnies
Jingle bells
When Santa got stuck up the chimney
Along with some songs for the Christmas Performance


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